Celebrating 50 years!
Alongside traditional woodworking machinery, Lydwood also runs a large number of CNC machines. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines cut shapes quickly, efficiently and accurately with minimal waste.

We use the latest CAD/CAM software to create drawings and programmes for the machines. We can receive CAD files in most formats.

We are extremely talented when it comes to technical drawing and Nick recently brushed up on his "Rhino" 3D CAD drawing skills with a complicated project for H.M.S. Victory. The following three photogaphs depict the original woodwork we had to work with, the 3D generated drawing and the final product ready for installation on H.M.S. Victory!

We have 12 heavy duty CNC routers of various specifications; some of which have 4 parallel heads and others have automatic tool change or twin tables for continuous production.

CNC routers are suitable for cutting all types of wood-based materials plus non ferrous metals and plastics.

We are constantly investing and upgrading all of our equipment.

Our most recent machinery upgrade was a laser engraving and cutting machine - this not only has the capability of engraving and cutting but it also has the capability of working with a variety of materials including wood, fabrics, cardboard, leather, plastic, glass etc. Please direct your enquiries to Nick who can answer your questions.
Machinery and Software
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